Int 15/AX=53B0h/BH=01h

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Intel System Management Bus - INSTALLATION CHECK

AX = 53B0h
BH = 01h
BL = 72h ('r')
CX = 6164h ('ad')

CF clear if installed AH = SMBus BIOS Interface Specification major version (01h) AL = SMBus BIOS Interface Specification minor version (00h) BL = number of SMBus devices present CX = 6941h ('iA') DX = vendor-specified SMBus hardware code 0000h means undefined hardware type CF set if error AH = Error code 0Ah, 86h (see #00484)

Note: This function is only supported in INT 15h mode

See Also: AX=53B0h/BH=02h - AX=53B0h/BH=03h - AX=53B0h/BH=04h - See Also: #01105 at INT 1A/AX=B10Ah/SF=8086h

(Table 00484) Values for Intel System Management Bus error codes: 00h SMBus OK 01h SMBus connect failed 02h SMBus already connected (see also #00485) 03h SMBus disconnect failed 04h SMBus not connected 05h SMBus INT 15 interface disabled 06h SMBus device address request out of range 07h SMBus unknown failure 08h SMBus message list empty 09h SMBus message list overflow 0Ah SMBus invalid signature 10h SMBus device address not acknowledged 11h SMBus device error detected 12h SMBus device command access denied 13h SMBus unknown error 14h SMBus transaction pending 15h SMBus no transaction pending 16h SMBus request does not match pending transaction 17h SMBus device access denied 18h SMBus timeout 19h SMBus protocol not supported 1Ah SMBus busy 1Bh SMBus SMI detected 80h SMBus OK (previously unreported SMI occurred) 86h SMBus not supported

(Table 00485) Values for Intel System Management Bus Already Connected sub-error codes: 01h real mode connect already established 02h 16-bit PMode connect already established 03h 32-bit PMode connect already established

See Also: #00484

Category: Expansion Bus Bios - Int 15h - I


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