Int 1A/AH=9Dh

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Intel PCMCIA ExCA Card Services - API

AH = 9Dh
AL = subfunction (see #00692)


See Also: AH=9Dh"ExCA" - #00891

(Table 00692) Values for PCMCIA ExCA Card Services subfunction number:

00h Client Services:
Get Number of Sockets

01h Advanced Client Utilities:

02h Client Services:
Register Client

03h Client Services:
Deregister Client

04h Advanced Client Utilities:
Enumerate Clients

05h Client Services:
Register SCB

06h Client Services:
Deregister SCB

07h Advanced Client Utilities:
Register MTD

08h Advanced Client Utilities:
Deregister MTD

09h Advanced Client Utilities:
Enumerate MTD

0Ah Client Services:
Get Status

0Bh Client Services:
Reset Card

0Ch Client Utilities:
Get First Tuple

0Dh Client Utilities:
Get Next Tuple

0Eh Client Utilities:
Determine First Region

0Fh Client Utilities:
Determine Next Region

10h Client Utilities:
Get First Region

11h Client Utilities:
Get Next Region

12h Client Utilities:
Get First Partition

13h Client Utilities:
Get Next Partition

14h Bulk Memory Services:
Open Region

15h Bulk Memory Services:
Read Memory

16h Bulk Memory Services:
Write Memory

17h Bulk Memory Services:
Copy Memory

18h Bulk Memory Services:
Erase Memory

19h Resource Management:
Request I/O

1Ah Resource Management:
Release I/O

1Bh Resource Management:
Request Memory

1Ch Client Services:
Modify Window

1Dh Resource Management:
Release Memory

1Eh Client Services:
Map Mem Page

1Fh Advanced Client Utilities:
Return SS Entry

20h Advanced Client Utilities:
Map Log to Phy

21h Advanced Client Utilities:
Map Log Phy to Log

22h Resource Management:
Request IRQ

23h Resource Management:
Release IRQ

24h Bulk Memory Services:
Close Region

Category: Expansion Bus Bios - Int 1Ah - I


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