Int 1A/AX=B10Ah/SF=1066h

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PCI BIOS v2.0c+ - READ CONFIGURATION DWORD (Brooktree devices)

AX = B10Ah subfn 1066h
BH = bus number
BL = device/function number (bits 7-3 device, bits 2-0 function)
DI = register number (0000h-00FFh) (see #00878)

CF clear if successful ECX = dword read CF set on error AH = status (00h,87h) (see #00729) EAX, EBX, ECX, and EDX may be modified all other flags (except IF) may be modified

Notes: This function may require up to 1024 byte of stack; it will not enable interrupts if they were disabled before making the call. The meanings of BL and BH on entry were exchanged between the initial drafts of the specification and final implementation

See Also: AX=B10Ah - AX=B10Ah/SF=8086h

Format of Brooktree Bt8230 ATM controller configuration: Offset Size Description (Table 00981) 00h 64 BYTEs header (see #00878) (vendor ID 109Eh, device ID 8230h) 10h DWORD address at which to map external memory (multiple of 16M) internal registers are mapped at offsets 0000h-01FFh; Bt8222 registers are mapped at 0200h-03FFh, and T1/E1 Framer registers are mapped at 0800h-0FFFh. Only 32-bit memory accesses are used 40h BYTE maximum burst length (00h not allowed, default = 10h) 41h BYTE "SPECIAL_STATUS"

bit 3:
Attempted to perform DMA on PCI while bus-mastering disabled in PCI command word

bit 2:
PCI/DMA synchronization error occurred

bit 1:
PCI bus master encountered fatal error

bit 0:
Direction of transaction which encountered error =0 write (refer to offset 48h) =1 read (refer to offset 44h)

Note: Bits 3-1 are write-clear, bit 0 is read-only 42h 2 BYTEs unused 44h DWORD current read target address for PCI bus master (read-only) 48h DWORD current write target address for PCI bus master (read-only) 4Ch 180 BYTEs reserved

See Also: #00790

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