Int 78

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AX = function
--- digital functions ---
0000h start digital
ES:DI -> Sound Structure

AX = voice used 0001h play next buffer ES:DI -> Sound Structure 0002h set panning BX = pan CX = voice 0003h set volume BX = volume CX = voice 0004h set rate (not yet implemented) 0005h pause digital CX = voice 0006h restart digital CX = voice 0007h stop digital CX = voice 0008h get digital position CX = voice

AX:DX -> position in PC buffer 0009h get voice status (not yet implemented). --- MIDI functions --- 000Ah load MIDI patches ES:DI -> MIDI track just after the Mtrk header BX:DX = length of MIDI track 000Bh load XMIDI patches ES:DI -> event buffer including the EVNT header 000Ch load patch CX = MIDI number of patch 000Dh unload patch CX = MIDI number of patch 000Eh start sequence 000Fh unload all patches 0010h MIDI out byte CX = MIDI byte 0011h MIDI out string CX = length ES:DI -> string of MIDI data 0012h all notes off. --- resource functions --- 0013h allocate memory BX:DX = size of GUS memory needed

AX:DX = address of memory, or 0000:0000 if not avaiable 0014h free memory BX:DX = address of memory to be freed 0015h uninstall 0016h sem enter 0017h sem leave 0018h add external semaphore BX:DX -> external semaphore 0019h clear external semaphore BX:DX -> external semaphore 001Ah application start 001Bh application end. --- v1.12 --- 001Ch ??? 001Dh ??? 001Eh ??? 001Fh ???

Program: UltraMid is a TSR from Advanced Gravis to play MIDI and digital data through the Gravis UltraSound (GUS)

Test for the signature "ULTRAMID" at offset 0103h in the interrupt handler's segment

INT 78 to INT 7F

See Also: INT 2F/AX=CD00h"ULTRAMID" - INT 7E/AH=00h"SBOS" - INT 7E/AX=00FEh"SBOS"


Category: Sound/Speech - Int 78h - U


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